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A Tax Guide for The Holidays

Holiday Tax-Guide

A Tax Guide for The Holidays Chances are as an employer you'll be providing a few benefits for your employees this year. This could include from office parties, to generous bonuses, or a nice holiday turkey. So this all begs

Criticism Follows Perceived Power Grab by HMRC

RPC has criticized HMRC saying they've failed to use the powers it already has and is now pursuing further powers, citing Conduct notices as an example. Their a powerful weapon those conduct notices. They use them bring tax evading “high

SDC – The HMRC Challenge

Three ways the Revenue raises the SDC hurdle There are actually additional hurdles to overcome on this SDC test that make things even trickier, rendering the above definition as only half of what you need to know. Three of those

Making Tax Digital – The Big Plan!

  The tax system is undergoing something of a revolution with the new system HMRC is implementing. HMRC is striving to simplify the system and provide quicker access to taxpayers and business people who need it most. Already they are

IR35 Explained

  Basically IR35 has an affect on contractors who don't meet HMRC criteria in order to be deemed “self-employed” by their definition. This rule can mean an increase in tax rates as well as N.I liability and further will stop


HMRC Releases New Video on Tax Digital account creation for Business   In order to transform the environment of taxes for business into a more fully digital platform HMRC created a video on YouTube that outlines how these digital tax

Pension Drawdown

New rules for Income Drawdown   Following the new budget changes of 2014, the amount of freedom and flexibility in how you decide to use your pension savings will come under even more self control. This could be a massive

Auto Enrolment

Auto Enrolment – Ensuring Compliance As you may be aware the Pensions Act 2008 introduced major reforms to workplace pensions. This could affect yourself and your business. The decision to put the reforms plans into effect commenced in October 2012

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